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American citizenry and intellect is our greatest national security defense.  The Cyber Advisory Council is a design based research initiative to bring our nation's leading Subject Matter Experts together to ensure America's Cyber Workforce System is both inclusive and relevant. 

Bringing the power of the knowledge economy to protect our people, generate new economic opportunities, and advance our interests and democratic principles is more than a national imperative, it allows individual U.S. citizens an opportunity to make a difference in the communities they serve.

MCI Council will host events and conduct research to continuously search, cultivate and encourage professionals to explore solutions to workforce and community resource challenges that result from our current cyber workforce shortage.

Our vision of collaboration ensures an increase in community access to workforce opportunities and resources.  We accomplish this by utilizing growth algorithms to increase community economic capacity and education relevance through industry led public-private partnerships and research based cooperative agreements.

AIEF Mission Statement

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) is the primary source for market research on minority technology companies in the U.S.  CEBOT serves as a single point of contact for both policy and procurement issues. Our goal is to daily advocate and facilitate new initiatives that create and expand business opportunities for our members.

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America Unites is a program designed to foster hope and economic development in urban and rural communities of need across the U.S. and around the world.

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One of the key outcomes of the Cyber Advisory Council is research.  Committee Meetings, Virtual Intern Mentorship, public/private research partnerships all bring together SME's that bring value to engagement.  Government/Industry/Education briefings are conducted to produce feedback reports as designated by each Advisory Council Committee.  Research is used to better understand how to create an itergrative framework for managing knowledge across boundaries.

Itergrative Research Reporting

As a body of professionals CAC members understand the fundamental values of privacy as a matter of practice.  As an organizing body the CAC will ensure that it uses the data it obtains or collects only for statistical purposes.

CAC members are committed to not share other members contact information without prior consent.  CAC member are each influential members of the Cyber Security Industry and our goal is to ensure every member is respected.

If meetings are to achieve certain outcomes, they must be run competently and efficiently.  The CAC is primarily an idea-sharing body and not a decision-making body. 

As form follows function adhesion to structure, committee formation and leadership, and the balance between inclusion and oversight is key in order to accomplish CAC's mission of collaboration.

Council SME's must be committed to the time resource they do provide.  Before any formal engagement each member must be aware in full the reason for the advisory council to exist, the length of time and term of their participation/duration of the group, and any formal titles decided prior or during CAC meetings.

CAC meetings will have support and each member will be provided with a means to communicate with other members.

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"Protecting our way of life cannot be left to government alone.  In order to enure prosperity for every U.S. citizen we must do everything in our power to bring the benefits of the knowledge economy to everyone.  In order to do that and ensure peace we must band together to develop strategies of both community collaboration and student inclusion particulary with regards to understanding our National Security Adjudicative Guidelines and how our nation's economy is built on innovation and individual freedom"

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